Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's The Gathering Place?

I have been a part of the online IF blog community as a viewer for a while now. Daily my RSS feeds update me on IF bloggers from all over the country (and even the world). I read about triumph and frustration, and so often I find myself responding to a request for thoughts and prayers. When I am on the boards, I hear the same thing, and I do my best to fulfill queries for "sticky" thoughts or prayers for strength.

I've also struggled with the fact that my husband and I have not shared our IF journey with our own faith community or most of our family. I can't turn to the people that I would usually ask to pray for me, and often I wish that I had the comfort of knowing that someone was praying with me in mind.

I am hopeful that daily five or fifteen or fifty of us--the number is unimportant--will ask for prayers through this blog and receive the comfort of knowing that we are in others' prayers. This is a nondenominational place for people of all religious, spiritual, or other reverential paths to share support and energy as each of us sees fit.


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